Way Z!

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chinfrim disse...

"Awesome Contend"? WTF?

PAL disse...

É a 2ª chamada de atenção mas ainda bem...
-con·tend (kn-tnd)
v. con·tend·ed, con·tend·ing, con·tends
1. To strive in opposition or against difficulties; struggle: armies contending for control of strategic territory; had to contend with long lines at the airport.
2. To compete, as in a race; vie.
3. To strive in controversy or debate; dispute.

PAL disse...

1. (intr; often foll by with) to struggle in rivalry, battle, etc.; vie
2. to argue earnestly; debate
3. (tr; may take a clause as object) to assert or maintain
[from Latin contendere to strive, from com- with + tendere to stretch, aim]

PAL disse...

Foi o 1º "banner" que não dizia Gang of Four... ninguem reparou ;)